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Start Using the F words.

Ubuntu's next long term support version 20.04 (Focal Fossa) is set to be released by the end of the month. In order to be prepared we should start using them.

Our experience so far

Lxc container

I ran up a few new containers using our profiles and test for status around [ticket:42 recent issues with "resolve"d].

I am still working on whether or not this is resolved or if I broke it trying to get resolvd to listen to our servers using the init profiles.

The images are split into ubuntu/focal and ubuntu/focal/cloud. The cloud image picks up most of the profile changes and shows the most promise so far. This is a nice change given that most of the non-lts images required tweaking before just working.

upgraded containers

Ian / wordpress site

php7.2->7.4upgrade broke the site.

Removed mods-enabled/php7.2*

root@ian:/etc/apache2/mods-enabled# mv php7.2.* /tmp/

and enabled php7.4

root@ian:/etc/apache2/mods-enabled# ln -s ../mods-available/php7.4* .

susdev20 (changes to profile)

  • update joe's passed and keys. (this does not replace ticket:44)
  • remove resolvd file creation
  • add pihole update to update script.

Lxc server

I performed a do-release-upgrade -d on Joey.

root@joey:~# do-release-upgrade -d -m server

It was flawless except that I had to run

#netplan apply

From the console which pretty much fucks any chance of doing Bernie next. (At least until [ticket:36 the issues with console redirection are resolved]).


Once the console came back up I upgraded Bernie. ZFS pools needed to be updated after upgrade. Otherwise everything went pretty well.


Major Changes. * Lxd 4.0 * Php7.4 * Postgresql 12.