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D Delmar Davis

Portland, Oregon, (503) 284-2945


(I'll be 78 when Unix(tm) time ends)....

I have been administering Unix systems for more than 30 years, in addition to deploying and maintaining Web and other Internet services for 25. The systems have ranged from stand-alone, completely exposed servers to services with separate Web, application, and database layers, clustered and load balanced for redundancy and scalability, and placed behind firewalls, I have done work in the ever amorphous cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon but I am more interested in locally owned and operated LXD based containers.

I have extensive experience with Linux deployments (Red Hat/Fedora/Centos, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu, Tizen, OpenWRT) I have professional experience with HP-UX, True64, Linux, Solaris, Freebsd, OS X, and AIX and I have installed and configured databases such as Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server. Against my better judgment, I have installed, maintained and configured Microsoft systems, and even made them play well with others (SSO, SMB, etc). Additionally, I have a strong background and proven success in providing instruction and documentation for work to be maintained by others.

Throughout my career I have learned new systems quickly. I follow issues and problems through to solution, be they social or technical. Security is the key to surviving on both the World Wide Web and large Intranets. For this reason, I am a practitioner and proponent and of well defined policies, best practices, regular updates, and common sense. My reputation for getting things done and team participation make me an ideal candidate for positions where honest work is valued. Specialties: Thinking outside the box.

Also: Springfield and Waltham are not Boston in the same way Hillsboro and Beaverton are not Portand and I am not interested in your urgent requirement for Intel's permanently contingent workforce at Jones Farm so don't bother asking....


Systems Engineer

Laika Jul 2021 - Present.

Contiguous Online Server Presence Nov 1996 - Present (24 years 7 months +)

I have built and maintained servers for the domains and (email only) since 1996. They started as a sparc IPC running SunOs 4.1.3 and have had many different varients of bsd and linux since then. They are currently on LXD containers running Ubuntu (20.04 lts). My current toolset includes ansible, python and zfs. I also document my work even when it's just mine. (See:

Package Handler

UPS Oct 2017 - Jul 2021 (3 years 9 months)

Its funny, If I went to the gym I would never build the muscles I have from sorting ~6000 packages a day for close to 4 years. I had a 12 minute bicycle commute. Another 10 minutes to get to the other side of the channel to PCCs campus in the shipyards (Before covid, UPS reimbursed my tuition as I updated my welding skills). I got to see first hand the advantages that unionized workers have over similar non union positions (looking at you Amazon). Through the teamsters I recieved better health insurance than I ever received doing tech work. Also nice to not have a digital leash (going on 3 years cell phone free). Life is good.

Applications Engineer

Suspect Devices Apr 2008 - Jan 2017 (8 years 10 months)

For roughly a decade I worked through Tempus Dictum (DBA Suspect Devices) building hardware and software solutions around the Arduino and other open source hardware and software. My primary focus was on tools for artists and musicians. Client projects ranged from medical equipment, to bicycle racing, to music, to heavy industrial motor controllers. In addition to my embedded work I coded applications for Macintosh and iPhone. I developed hardware platform for teaching micro-controllers to artists and hobbyists. I produced and continue to present workshops focused on introducing micro-controllers to the community. As a systems administrator I maintained multiple internet servers for this company and clients. Upgraded and maintaining a linux based scientific computing cluster at UCSF. Test-deployed cluster implementation to the Amazon Elastic Cloud to benchmark cloud against old hardware. Recent client work involved moving a legacy FreeBSD System to the cloud and exploring cloud based archival options.

IT Administration Engineer

Jaguar Land Rover Sep 2013 - Aug 2015 (2 years)

I was contracted to provide primary IT support for the servers and workstations at the JLRNA's Open Software Technology Center in Portland. Supported the build servers and developers tools for the tizen platform as prescribed by Intel ( OpenSuse 12.1-12.3). Later I was hired. I migrated servers to new Open Source Technology Center in the Pearl and argued successfully to move to Debian as primary linux platform. I was unsuccessful in convincing management that the position should be outsourced.. Supported 56 servers running Debian and OpenSUSE in addition to roughly the same number of Windows 7 based systems and users.

Continuing Education Instructor

Pacific Northwest College of Art Sep 2012 - Dec 2014 (2 years 4 months)

After three years of giving one day classes to the community through Dorkbotpdx I was asked by PNCA's extensions school to develop curriculum for and teach an 8 week survey course introducing Artists to microcontrollers using the Arduino platform.

Unix Systems Engineer

Adecco Dec 2012 - Mar 2013 (4 months)

I fulfilled a 3 month contract with Integra focused on covering staff shortfalls (2 people covering ~170 business critical systems). This work included a security audit of key systems, ongoing Oracle upgrade support, as well as replacing much of the expensive and complicated CA Spectrum suit with Nagios and other open source monitoring tools. Worked with senior administrator to streamline and clean up administration. Helped to evaluate free version of puppet versus CF engine and hand rolled scripting. And in general kept the rubber side down.

Senior Network Analyst

Washington County Mar 2007 - Nov 2007 (9 months)

Built and configured systems for Oracle RAC cluster using SLES on generic SAN connected blades to replace expensive L Class HP Servers. Moved all production data from HP-UX file server to Novell OES server on SAN connected blade. (Reducing Costs / Increasing Performance).

Unix System Administrator

Washington County May 2006 - Dec 2006 (8 months)

Tested and documented file restoration on business critical systems as well as creating process and media for bare bones AIX recovery. Developed transition plan from aging HP-UX servers to san attached generic blade architecture. Deployed first workstation in this process. Worked with IT Services (ITS) and one of its vendors to resolve several support issues. Interviewed, helped select, and trained permanent Unix System Administrator. Created operations and troubleshooting guides for all ITS Unix systems. Worked toward better integration between Unix SA position and ITS support team. Upgraded mediawiki server and trained ITS staff to use it for its internal documentation. Worked with application and ITS teams to provide additional san space, file restoration, additional printers and modems as needed.

Unix Consultant

SolutionsIQ May 2005 - May 2006 (1 year 1 month)

Prepared Unix production and development systems for maintenance by windows based skeleton crew. Systems were comprised of Linux and Solaris based Oracle servers along with several Debian- based infrastructure servers. Cloned Solaris 8/Oracle 8 server for disaster recovery. Spec'd out and installed additional disk for all Solaris Oracle servers. Built serial console server for sun systems. Trained operations staff in general maintenance tasks for all Unix and Linux platforms.

Unix System Administrator

SolutionsIQ Sep 2005 - Dec 2005 (4 months)

Researched, redesigned and deployed web server and content management framework for internal content and documentation. Integrated existing documentation into framework. Trained team to perform ongoing maintenance. Deployed 11 production and development servers running Solaris 9 and 10. Worked with other engineers to refine Jumpstart install process, in particular with regards to JASS and postinstall scripts.

Network Engineer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sep 2002 - May 2005 (2 years 9 months)

Maintained all aspects of 150 system proprietary development environment for HP's internal web development at remote data center. Managed migration of initial environment to more stable data center. Coordinated the addition 70 servers to meet expanded capacity needs. Worked with other administrators to keep all systems patched in response to constant security updates (over 400 systems, HP-UX/Linux/W2K). Built 4 Terabyte HPUX /Samba solution for Windows cluster suffering unplanned exponential storage growth. Built and maintained HP-UX build server for Linux distributions. Helped develop organizational security policy. Provided 24x7 tier-1 support for live applications as member of 2 teams spanning 5 data centers. Worked with development teams to prepare troubleshooting guides clear enough to outsource support. Initiated password audit to bring production systems in line with security policy. Maintained professional level of service and support to organization which suffered 7 re- organizations over a two and a half year period.

UNIX System Administrator

Rogue Wave Sep 2001 - Apr 2002 (8 months)

Worked as a member of 5-person team maintaining over 90 UNIX servers used to develop, build, and troubleshoot Rogue Wave's C++ library products. Installed and configured 30 systems running Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, True64 and Linux. Primarily responsible for new Solaris and AIX build servers. Installed and configured Oracle and Sybase databases. Worked with Senior Admin to develop centralized, scripted system setup to allow rapid deployment/ recovery of system configurations for a given software release. Implemented / maintained configuration scripts for Solaris (2.6 - 9beta) and AIX (4.33 - 5.1) systems. Migrated production NIS and license servers from arcane and dying systems to supportable hardware and OS levels. Set up demo server for new web-based technology. Installed compilers, databases, patches, and other software required for development.


GIBSON STEEL FABRICATING, INC. Jun 2001 - Sep 2001 (4 months)

I told my employer that if they called me at 11am on my days off, as they had for months, I was walking. You have to mean that stuff. To be fair it took well over a month before I got the call, gave my notice, and went back to welding. I stood and welded out catch basins (GMAW and OXY/Acetylene work) until I realized how short I was financially. I asked for $1.75 more an hour at a shop that hadn't raised any of its employees wages in close to a year. They raised the entire shop floor by 50c and offered me a 75c raise. I took the first tech job offered. Like I said. You have to mean it.

UNIX System Administrator / Database Programmer

Modern Medium Aug 2000 - Jul 2001 (1 year)

Systems/Database Administrator and Programmer for, a stocked 250,000 product virtual storefronts for 15 clients with 100 projected. Previous contractor was unable to produce more than 4 working storefronts in 1 year; in 3 months we produced 15 storefronts. Eliminated redundant data, reducing processing time and storage needs by ~70%. Established backup of databases and system. Reconfigured raid system to use existing resources effectively. Installed additional memory, disk and processor to allow for growth. Set up development environment on smaller Sun. Wrote import scripts in Transact SQL/PHP for the automatic updating of databases.


Digithink Jun 1996 - Dec 2000 (4 years 7 months)

Set up a small ISP while attending college. Consulted on various jobs, resolved Sun hardware/DNS issues for (now Net presence provided the basis for contract work and fiscal stability between major contracts/

UNIX System Administrator / Programmer

Northwest Media May 2000 - Aug 2000 (4 months)

Created development environment for web site geared towards post care tracking of youth from programs such as foster care, jobs plus, and job core. Set up UNIX (FreeBSD) based development environment using Staging / File server behind a firewall. Ported web-server based data entry to user-friendly firewall protected Access/VBA application, wrote DLL's to publish data to server.

UNIX Systems Specialist/Database Programmer

Oregon Public Education Network Feb 1997 - Jun 1999 (2 years 5 months)

Provided system administration, programming, and technical consulting to the OPEN-C website http:// Deployed three web servers with systems running Solaris and HP-UX (everything from boxes of parts to web sites). Developed SQL/WWW scripting language in Perl, consolidating most of sites cgi-scripts. Later contracted to redesign system as an Apache Module. Provided technical consulting, diagnosing and resolving all UNIX Network and World Wide Web related issues.

System Administrator and Security Consultant

DNSI Sep 1996 - Jul 1997 (11 months) Instituted security audit of systems and made recommendations to improve operational security. Proposed and implemented plan to restructure LLC company with financial debt nearing $18,000 which incorporated upgrading Internet connectivity while reducing costs, and restructuring company to provide financial solvency and stability. Served as liaison with US West, guiding company through complex series of phone line shortages. Arranged transfer of hardware and software for 700 clients to new servers and location. Daily operations included setup and administration of FreeBSD and Linux servers from building/ installing hardware, OS, services, and virtual hosts all the way through client relations.


GIBSON STEEL FABRICATING, INC. Jul 1995 - Sep 1996 (1 year 3 months)

When I moved to Eugene the wage base was so low that Symatec moved its customer support there. So I went to work using the skills I learned in High School (Welding). I performed all aspects of storm water catch basin assembly except for seam welding. Operated hydraulic sheers, torch ,band saw, and fork lift. Assembled basins using SMAW.


Eli Hefron and Sons Jan 1993 - May 1993 (5 months)

Tested setup and configured surplus sun systems, including installation of SunOS 4.1.x through Solaris 1.x [sic] for shipment to clients.

UNIX System Administrator/CAD Support Specialist

Badger Engineers Feb 1989 - Sep 1992 (2 years 7 months)

Supported department's expansion from one Vax and 4 un-networked PCs to two Vax's, 40 Unix Stations, and 100 networked PCs. UNIX administration included direct user support, adding software, user accounts and scripting. Served as project leader; responsible for development of a method of high volume batch translation between different CAD formats. Piloted the use of several (then) new technologies for better cross platform integration such as PCNFS and sendmail based problem logging. Initiated cadre based help/support groups. Trained senior operators and engineers in computer fundamentals.

Engineering Programmer

Bovay Northwest, Inc. 1986 - 1988 (3 years) Automated drafting and design processes; programming in AutoLisp, MuLisp, and DBase.


University of Oregon

Bachelor of Arts, History 1995 - 2004

At UO I studied History with an emphasis on revolution. While there I actively promoted punk and other local music as a DJ at KWVA radio. I was invited to display my artwork in several solo and group exhibitions.

Portland Community College

Carreer Pathways Certificate, Welding Technology/Welder 2017 - 2017

Spokane Falls Community College

Associate of Arts, Science; Software Engineering Technology 1983 - 1991 At SFCC I split my studies between fine arts, core studies and software engineering.

Kellogg Sr High

High School Diploma, High School 1982 - 1983

Cross country, debate, yawn.

Secondary Diplomas and Certificates

ITP Summer Camp 2013

Licenses & Certifications

Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator (LFCS-1500-0198-0100)

The Linux Foundation Issued Feb 2015 - Expired Feb 2017

Osha 10

US Department of Labor Issued Jul 2017


Unix • Linux • System Administration • Disaster Recovery • Computing • Troubleshooting • Data Center • Firewalls • Security • Cloud • GTAW • SMAW • FCAW • GMAW