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Systems Documentation

Notes, and Things to be done.

Operations Guide for current systems

Server Modernization Phase I

  • Moving all legacy system functions onto separate linux containers isolated from each other.
  • Use mirrored disk systems to insure that disk corruption does not lead to data corruption.
  • Start giving a shit about the systems, code, and sites on them.
  • Own your code/data. (If your free code hosting system is shutdown or taken over by Microsoft is it really free)
  • Clean up the cruft (If it doesn't bring you joy DTMFA)

Server Modernization Phase II

  • Integrate Ansible into system maintenance tasks
  • Reevaluate Centos and other RPM based containers built using playbooks vs profiles/scripts/cloud-init while maintaining current security model
  • Develop off site backup strategy.

SMP III Make Shit Happen / Own Your Shit

  • Work on secure and efficient traffic in and out of home lans (Privoxy,DNS based ad blocking,squid etc)
  • Continue to refine server operation/maintanance.
  • Build Gitlab and other alternatives to trac/git and evaluate workflows.
  • Deploy off site backup strategy.
  • Build out content.
  • Start new projects.
  • Distribute data and backups over the network to home servers.
  • Document home server/network setup